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HO RealTrax 9" Straight Track w/Roadbed - 4 Pack

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Jamestown Trains Presents:

  • Fully Assembled
  • Durable, Detailed Built-In Roadbed
  • Easy, Snap-In Roadbed Connectors
  • Solid Nickel Silver Rails
  • Unit Measures:

At M.T.H. Electric Trains, we believe a track system should allow your model railroad empire to grow. The RealTrax system includes 18" and 22" curves as well as 9" straight lengths that make a perfect solution for your first model railroad empire. And every piece of RealTrax is rugged, realistic, and reliable so you can have fun running your trains.


Because most toy train empires begin on a carpet or floor, RealTrax is designed to hold up to the rigors of childhood play. Strong snap-together connections make it easy to assemble or change a layout in minutes. And the built-in roadbed helps keep dirt on the floor away from the wheels and gears of your trains.


With its realistic crossties and ballasted roadbed, RealTrax looks like the mainline track used by heavy freights and high-speed passenger trains.


Nickel silver rail ensures that RealTrax will never rust. The code 83 scale is industry-standard and the end of track connections will mate up to Atlas roadbed track when using the M.T.H. roadbed adapters. These easy-to-install adapters simply snap into the end of the roadbed with a pair of needle-nose pliers.


M.T.H.'s HO RealTrax utilizes removable pre-assembled rail and ties so that when you're ready to create a more realistic layout with actual ballasted track, you won't have to purchase all new track. Simply remove the rail and tie sections from each roadbed section and lay them down. By adding ballast, your layout will quickly take on the look of professionally constructed model railroad.

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