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Local Train Shops

Are You a Local Train Shop Looking to Drastically Expand Your Business?

Do You Cringe at the Thought of Selling on eBay or Trying to Figure Out How to Sell On-Line Yourself?  Or Are You Not Seeing Good Results with Your Current OnLine Sales Method?  Have the Fees Gotten Out of Control on eBay and Like Websites?

Jamestown Trains May Have a Solution for You!

Note: If You Are Already a Large Internet Based Train Sales/Hobby Sales Company Already, This Service is Not For You.

Our Partner Train Shop Packages are for folks with NO/Limited Computer Skills to those able to enter information on a Laptop with Software Supplied by Jamestown Trains.  

And All Levels of Computer Knowledge In Between!  

We have FOUR Package Levels Starting as Low as 5.2% of the Sale Value WHICH INCLUDES Credit Card Processing Fees!!!  We might have a Package that is a Perfect Fit for You!  Contact US!

Jamestown Trains well recognizes the need for Local Train Shops across the US.  One of the many difficult decisions in moving from in person - face to face sales to selling on the Internet was the impact on Local Train Shops.  Local Train Shop Sales are being killed by eBay and other like websites.  The "Mom and Pop", "Dad and Son", "Family Owned", "Sole-Proprietor", etc. owners of Local Train Shops kept this wonderful hobby alive LONG before the Internet!  Jamestown Trains wants no part in running these American Icons out of business! The challenge was offering customers all the benefits of On-Line Buying while protecting the Interests of the Local Shops at the same time.

Jamestown Trains not only developed a way to move forward with a new system to bring Model Train Collectors, Operators and Enthusiasts the best and widest range of products, we also looped in the Local Shops!  Many of the item you see on our site are being sold on behalf of Local Train Shops across the US!

Jamestown Trains uniformly stands behind the service, quality, delivery and support of every single item we sell, no matter where it comes from.  We are a One-Stop Shop for products from dozens of fine Local Train Shops in addition to our own inventory!  Many of the items we sell may be coming from a Mom and Pop or other Local Train Shop!  We found a solution!

The Local Train Stores we tested this concept with before launching it saw their sales go up between 720% to almost 2,300% in a six month period.  It works. The Buyer gets wide access to inventory previously not know to exist outside of that Local Shops customer base, and the Local Shop gets connected to millions of buyers.  All in a much safer, much more personal way than on eBay! 

One of the main differences is we remove the RISK for buyer and seller alike.  Many of our business practices are based on doing the opposite of eBay and like companies.  These greedy powerhouses have alienated buyer and seller alike. Studying their failures actually helped us to develop a truly fair and safe way to connect Local Sellers with a US wide customer base.

While we do not want to spell out our secrets to success so others can copy, we will share one very important detail:  The Local Train Shop Owner does not have to TOUCH A COMPUTER if they do not wish to.  We have a Selling Solutions that will work for any size shop, any level of computer skills (even NONE).

If you are a Local Train Shop looking to expand your reach and sales but do not want deal with the likes of eBay, or build/expand your website - You have found the right folks to work with at Jamestown Trains! We can have your products being represented and sold On-Line in 10 days or less!  Please contact us to set up an initial conversation with one of our Partner Shop Representatives.  We cover the entire US. Storefronts of all sizes!

Do you know a Local Train Shop not selling On-Line that we can help?  Please give them our phone number.  We have reps who specialize in working with folks with little to no computer experience. 

email: info@JTTrains.com   or call   540-878-0397