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Service & Repair

Jamestown Train's "Train Depot" is a Full-Service Repair Station for All Makes, Models, Years and Condition Trains and Accessories

We Offer Ship In/Out Services Globally! 

*Non-US Repairs: Please check with us to see if we can service your trains and send them back to your Location/Country.  All US Trade Restrictions Apply.

Jamestown Train Depot is www.JTTrains.com's Service Department, we have THREE generations of repair techs on staff! Our SIX (6) Highly Trained and Certified Train Technicians repair, service and upgrade Trains shipped in to us from around the Globe.  This includes specialty technicians who handle the most complex jobs, such as circuit board repair and Control System/Sound upgrades. 

We Repair/Service Model Trains from the late 1800's to what is currently being produced today.  Jamestown Train Depot has experts in Pre/Postwar and Modern Era Train Repair. 

 Repairing Prewar and Postwar Trains while maintaining their 100% Original Status is one of our specializations.  If a part needs to be replaced it will come off a train from the same year(s) and match 100%, for example. On the more Modern Era side, with complex on-board computers and/or circuit board driven control/sound, the Repair of Modern Era Train Engines is not something every Train Shop can, or should take on.  We have actual Circuit Board Technicians BY TRADE on staff (rare). 

Jamestown's Train Depot is a Certified Repair Station for Several Manufactures, Including Lionel.  We offer services that range all the way from changing light bulbs up to performing full upgrades on engines to the latest Digital Sound and Control Systems.

Jamestown Train Depot is one of the largest train repair operations in the US.  Service/Repair and Upgrades is a Major Focus for us.  Not just selling you “replacement” trains.  All of us at JTTrains.com collect trains personally and know that a train’s value is not always what it will sell for!  Sentimental value often far outweighs what the train itself is worth in dollars.  We get it.  Our Service Managers will help you make the right decision.

What Makes Jamestown Train Depot Different?:  A Combined 272 years of experience repairing model trains separates us from most other shops!  We have multiple techs who each bring different skill sets and knowledge to the table; They are all cross-trained by each other.  This yields a tremendous cumulative knowledge and skill base.  This proves essential when we take on the more complex repairs.  For Example:  We have several repeat customers ship us their Engines that another "Train Repair Shop" looked at in the past and told them it would cost more than the train's value to fix or could not be fixed.  In more than 60% of these cases we find the issue is minor and an easy fix.  

A quote from one of our Largest and Much Appreciated Train Repair Customer Summaries our combine skill level and knowledge best, "[A Train] Engine is not dead until Jamestown Train Depot says it is dead".

 If you have a simple or complex issue with your Engine or other trains please start by communicating with one of our Service Managers before considering the train a parts unit!  You will be surprised at what we can fix vs. what others tell you can't be fixed for a reasonable price.

We want your LONG TERM Service/Repair Business and will Earn it!

 There is not much we can't fix when it comes to trains.  However, we also understand that price is always a factor!  We go over ALL options and costs with you prior to any work being done beyond the initial inspection. 

Note: Our rates are highly competitive.  We cover 1/2 the shipping expense in the US so it makes more sense for you to send your items to us and have them delivered to your door repaired and ready to run!

Pricing: If you wish to send in a train or accessory for an Evaluation, our fee is $19.99 for Non-Powered Units per item (without a motor) and $29.99 for Motorized Units per item.  This includes a basic service (clean, lube and inspect) which sometimes alone will fix the issue.   If you proceed with having us do the repair, the Evaluation Fee is deducted from the Labor Charge to fix the train.  

Note: Engine Sets such as AA, AB or ABA are $39.95 per set up to 3 engines.

Until we have repaired a few of your trains, we fully recognize that you do not know who we are nor our service capabilities.  We will not tell you to, “Just trust us and ship your trains in and we will bill you”, like other ship-in “Repair Shops”.  Instead, we have Service Agreements for each batch of repairs that you send in.  These agreements fully outline fees, charges and timeframes so there are NO SUPRISES.  The Agreements need to be signed by you AND one of our OWNERS before any work takes place!  Once you see how we operate the Service Agreements become optional (your call) on future repairs.   

November 2015 - March 2016 Engine Control/Sound

Upgrade Promotion! 

15% Off Parts and Labor on TMCC w/RailSounds

Control and Sound System Upgrades!

Add Lionel TMCC and RailSounds to ANY MAKE AND MODEL 3 Rail O-Gauge ENGINE!

You can then control your Engine with Lionel's System OR MTH's DCS

There has never been a better time to Upgrade your Engines from Conventional, ProtoSound Version 1 or other basic systems to a FULL FEATURE Control System with Amazing Sound!

Most Upgrades Start at $169.00 - Including Return Shipping!!!

Contact us for a price on Upgrading Your Engine

For All Service Needs: If you would like us to provide a general idea of what it will cost to repair or upgrade your train(s) please fill in the information below and one of our Service Managers will contact you shortly.